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Frequently Asked Questions about Palace Resort Weddings



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How long do we have to be at the resort before we can get married?

For civil ceremonies, couples must arrive 3 days prior excluding Sundays. For vow renewals, couples must arrive 2 days prior excluding Sundays.

What is an Apostille document, why do I need it and where can I get it?

The Apostille document is a special certification document which is accepted to countries who are a party to the rules of the 1961 Hague Convention. This Apostille document enables you to bypass further certification from the US Department of State and immediately send or take your documents to the country of intended use. Please contact your Secretary of State office for information on how to obtain the Apostille Document or log on to or

Do we need to have a passport and a birth certificate to get married?

Yes. Though it is not necessary for U.S. citizens to have a passport to enter Mexico, it is required to have a passport and birth certificate to get married in Mexico.

Are the weddings performed at Palace Resorts legal in the United States?

Yes. Weddings performed in Mexico are legal in the United States. Please contact your local courthouse to find out more information on registering your marriage certificate.

Is the ceremony performed in English or Spanish?

The ceremony is performed in English and can be performed in Spanish upon request.

How many copies of my birth certificate do I need?

You must have the original or certified copy plus 2 photocopies.

If I have guests who want to attend the wedding, but will not be staying on a Palace Resort property, can they still attend the wedding?

Yes. However, guests not staying at any Palace Resort must purchase a day pass upon arriving to the resort. The day pass gives the guest full access to the resorts amenities.

If I reserve my stay through RCI do I still qualify for the Free wedding package?

Yes, The Free Wedding Package is available to RCI members.

Can we have the ceremony performed on the beach?

No. Ceremonies must be performed in the wedding gazebo. All wedding Gazebos are ocean view.

Is there an out of pocket fee we must pay for the free wedding package?

There is a mandatory blood test that must be taken at the resort. The cost is approximately $50.00usd per person.

Can I take a blood test in my country and take the results to the resort?

No. Blood tests must be taken at the resort.

If I have a relative, that is not staying at the Aventura Spa Palace, with a child under the age of 18, can they still attend the wedding?

No. If you have guests under 18 years of age, weddings must be performed at either the Moon Palace or Xpu-Ha Palace.

Do we have to mail in the documents before we arrive?

No. Documents must be presented to the wedding coordinator during the time of interview.

Do I qualify for the Free wedding package if I do not stay at any of the wedding resorts (Xpu-Ha Palace, Aventura Spa Palace, and Moon Palace)?

No. Only the Superior or the Deluxe packages will be available to you.

Can I get married in my country and still receive the Free wedding package?

No. The Free wedding package is for civil ceremonies only. If you are already married that is considered a vow renewal. Palace Resorts offers a Vow Renewal Package.

If I am a Mexican citizen and getting married with a foreigner, will I need extra documentation?

Yes. Please contact your wedding coordinator for further information.

If I am receiving the Free wedding package do I still need to complete the charge authorization form?

Yes. This form is needed to reserve your date and time. The credit card will only be charged if the wedding is cancelled 30 days or less of the wedding date.

Can I pay for the wedding package and optional services at the resort?

For the Superior and Deluxe wedding packages there is a 50% deposit due 14 days after the wedding reservation is made. Final payment is due 30 days prior to the wedding date. Optional services can be paid for before or upon arrival. Please remember that prices are subject to change without notice. We recommend you reserve your optional services as soon as possible.